One Dakota Dunes Golf Course Stays Afloat

Getting wet may now be part of the deal, for some golfers to get par at Two Rivers Golf Course.

Doc Zortman used to dealing with alligators on Florida Gold Courses had this to say about the extra H20. “This golf course was never known for water hazards but there’s plenty of them around now.”

All eighteen holes at Two Rivers Golf Course are open for golfers to swing away. But the courses set up is a little different from last year.

“We’re operating out of this tent by the sixth tee box, parking in an empty field, and letting people play golf,” said head pro, Rodd Slater.

But with the Big Sioux River looming in the driving range any change in water height could put golf holes under water.

Slater said, “one day we had eighteen holes in the morning. By noon we were down to sixteen. And by two pm we were down to nine holes.”

Across the river, the Dakota Dunes Country Club remains out of service. But management says that’s not driving up business.

Slater said. “We’re serving mainly the customer who play here normally.”

Now, Two Rivers just tries to keep all eighteen holes open as the season goes on. The golf course has seen their share of high water.

Slater said, “this golf course has been here one hundred years and we’ve dealt with flood issues before. And though it’s a different way to serve customers we’ve always served them and we always will.”

The two rivers may be getting a little too close to the golf course but golfers need still plan to play through.


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