One Millionth KOHLER Courage® V-Twin Engine Rolls Off Hattiesburg Assembly Line

September 8, 2011 … Kohler® Engines celebrated a milestone yesterday as the one millionth KOHLER Courage® V-Twin engine rolled off the assembly line in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and into a place of honor. In celebration of this occasion, Tom Cromwell, President of Kohler Engines and Mark Cassidy, Vice President of Operations, presented Plant Manager Drew Hankins and associates with a commemorative plaque. The one millionth engine was fitted with a chrome shroud and added to the display of other milestone engines in the plant lobby.

“The success of the KOHLER Courage® engine line reflects the growth of Kohler’s presence in the consumer lawn and garden market,” said Cromwell. “The engine was pulled from the assembly line and placed in the plant as a testament to the hard work and dedication that the Hattiesburg associates have relentlessly demonstrated over the years.”

The one millionth KOHLER Courage® V-Twin engine signifies a great accomplishment for the Hattiesburg plant. Production began in 2005 just as Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. Many associates lost their homes and manufacturing was hampered by the loss of power and flooding. “The resilience and hard work of many associates has made this one millionth KOHLER engine even more special,” added Cromwell.

The Kohler Courage V-Twin engine is primarily found in consumer riding lawn mowers and is available in 11 models ranging from 20-27 horsepower (hp). The Kohler Courage V-Twin engine features:

· User-friendly maintenance with easy-access to check and fill the oil, plus top-access to the air cleaner system

A two-year limited warranty covering most consumer applications
· Quiet, smooth operation with an acoustically dampened air induction box that reduces intake noise

· A long life design with a cast iron cylinder liner and large capacity air cleaner

For additional information about the KOHLER Courage® V-Twin engine or any other KOHLER engines, please visit

Kohler Engines, along with Italy-based Lombardini, represent a global engine concern in business since the 1920s. Together, Kohler Engines and Lombardini manufacture a wide range of gasoline and diesel engines, from 4 to 64.4 hp, which are supplied to equipment manufacturers worldwide in the lawn and garden, commercial and industrial, agricultural and construction markets.

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