OPEI Supports New Legislative Tax Incentive for Alternative Energy Powered Non-Road Equipment

Alexandria, VA … April 29, 2009 … The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) today announced its support of legislation from Senators Leahy and Sanders and Congressman Welch that provides consumers with a 25 percent tax credit towards the purchase of alternative energy powered lawn, garden, and forestry power equipment.

According to the Leahy, Sanders and Welch offices, this “tax credit to purchase clean lawn and garden equipment would give Americans a powerful incentive to operate clean, alternative energy power equipment that will reduce our dependence on imported oil.”

Outdoor power equipment manufacturers currently offer a wide range of alternative energy powered equipment from battery, electric, hybrids, propane and solar to compressed natural gas and diesel.

At the same time, gasoline powered equipment uses the latest technologies to produce the cleanest, lowest emission products ever and is fully regulated by the EPA. The agency began regulating outdoor power equipment emissions with its Phase I in 1997, followed by Phase II in 2002. In August, 2008 EPA announced its Phase III emissions regulations for outdoor power equipment. Once fully implemented, the outdoor power equipment industry will have reduced emissions by 95 percent in just 15 years since it first became regulated.

“We are pleased to support this new tax credit that truly incentivizes consumers to seek out a range of alternative energy sources when operating outdoor power equipment,” said Kris Kiser, Executive VP at OPEI. “Our members are responding to stated public policy that aims for energy independence with innovative, technology-driven product.”

Product purchases that qualify for the 25 percent tax credit include equipment that:

  • is powered by a motor drawing current from solar, electricity, or rechargeable or replacement batteries,
  • has a hybrid-electric drive train and/or cutting system powered by a generator or electrical storage device combined with a small engine, or
  • is powered by alternative power sources and regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.

About OPEI

OPEI is an international trade association representing the $15 billion landscape, forestry, utility and lawn and garden equipment manufacturing industry. OPEI is a recognized Standards Development Organization for the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and active internationally through the International Standards Organization (ISO) in the development of safety standards. For more information on OPEI visit


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