Otterbine’s giant fountain line receives makeover

Otterbine’s commitment to the ever changing needs of their customers and the market comes to light again with the redesign of their Giant Fountain line. Improvements to the design allow for shallower operating depths and simpler installation without sacrificing pattern definition or height.

Designed to be aesthetically pleasing to any landscape or architectural surrounding, the Giant Fountain’s primary function is aesthetic appeal, providing dramatic spray effects that can reach heights of up to ninety feet. Due to the large pump/motor combinations involved in the Giant Fountain, significant volumes of water are moved thus creating some aeration and mixing benefits to help maintain water quality.

Improvements to the Giant Fountain Line include:

 44% Reduction in Unit Height Allowing for Shallower Operating Depths
Minimum Operating Depth is Now 40in (1m) Compared to 6ft (2m)
 Large Center Wheels Improve Mobility and Assist with Installation and Removal
Increased Mobility Eliminates the Need for Hoists and Cranes in Most Instances
 Safety Tested & Listed with ETL and ETL-C, Conforming to UL Standards and Carries a CE Certification
 NEMA 4X Fiberglass Panel Standard on All Units

The Otterbine Giant Fountain line is manufactured of the same high quality components that continue to make Otterbine the leading manufacturer of aeration and fountain systems today. It is mounted on a mobile frame with four wheels affixed to the bottom for ease of installation

limiting the need for cranes and hoists in most instances, while the stainless steel frame is corrosion resistant in most types of water. The fountain is supported by a high-density polyethylene float that allows for ease of adjustment, minimizing float visibility. Offered in 10, 15 and 25 horsepower systems, the Giant Fountain package includes a fiberglass power control center and is available with high voltage fountain lighting to enhance the appearance of your fountain and create a superb waterscape. Otterbine Giant Fountains have been ETL and ETL-C safety tested and approved, and carry a CE certification. An all-inclusive 2-year warranty is standard while a 3-year warranty is available when the system is purchased with a Sub-Monitor, providing additional protection and peace of mind.

These systems can be used in a variety of large pond and lake applications, or anywhere you desire to create a dramatic focal point. The line has been redesigned to offer the architectural designer innovation and versatility. In almost any setting, Otterbine Giant Fountains are able to create picturesque waterscapes while helping to maintain water quality.

More information on the Giant Fountain and other Otterbine products can be found online at

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