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Pine Burr Country Club Renovation Complete

Pine Burr Country Club
Pine Burr Country Club

Back in February, the Hickmans took over the Pine Burr Country Club in Wiggins with a mission to renovate the course and the clubhouse, which was built back in 1970. After seven months of hard work, all 18 holes at Pine Burr are a welcome challenge for groups like the Mississippi Gulf Coast Ladies Golf association.

“We want to see what it’s like,” said Rita Durham.

What she saw was a revamped course that was on its last birdie until earlier this year, when some quick guidance from new ownership and course superintendent Rueben Wedgeworth started to take shape.

“The golf course, we started with weed control and everything else out there, working on the greens and getting those a little better. It’ll take some more time to be where we want to be, but we’re in a lot better shape than we were,” Wedgeworth said.

That also goes for the nearly 50-year-old clubhouse, inside and out.

“Obviously they’ve done a tremendous amount of work in the building,” Wedgeworth added. “It’s gonna be a great venue for weddings, anniversary parties, corporate parties, and anything else, so we’re excited about that.”

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