Platinum TE™ Paspalum Expands Production to Spain and Saudi Arabia

Atlas Turf Arabia

Platinum TE Paspalum recently issued production and distribution licenses to two international turf farms. Novogreen in Spain and Atlas Turf Arabia in Saudi Arabia are the first turf farms outside of the United States to grow the patented turfgrass showcased this month at the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar.

Platinum TE is a premium quality seashore paspalum turfgrass developed by renowned turf breeder Dr. Ron R. Duncan. Introduced in 2007, Platinum TE is the turfgrass of choice at more than 300 locations in over 30 countries. Golf courses, sports fields, and landscape projects globally select Platinum TE for its superior performance and sustainability benefits. Platinum TE is a dense turf with unmatched salt tolerance, fine leaf texture, dark green color, low light tolerance, disease resistance, and rapid recovery from injury. Following extensive trials with varieties of paspalum, bermuda, and zoysia turfgrasses, Platinum TE was selected as the exclusive turfgrass of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Novogreen, headquartered in Seville, Spain, recently added Platinum TE to its Toledo farm
Novogreen, headquartered in Seville, Spain, recently added Platinum TE to its Toledo farm

Novogreen, headquartered in Seville, Spain, recently added Platinum TE to its Toledo farm with plans to expand to its other farm location in Tarragona. Novogreen has nearly 20 years of experience in sod production and sports installation supplying quality turfgrass to golf courses, sports fields, parks, and other landscaping projects. They are members of the European Turfgrass Producers and Turf Producers International.

“With four farms spread over Spain and Portugal, Novogreen has supplied ITGAP-certified turfgrasses to all Mediterranean countries,” said Novogreen CEO Rafael Castro. “Novogreen has extensive experience not only in production but also in service, advice, and logistics to reach any Mediterranean – and European country. Platinum TE Paspalum will have a very active and necessary presence due to its unbeatable adaptation to the qualities of water, soil, climate, and other needs of these countries.”

In the Mediterranean region, Novogreen found Platinum TE to be an optimally performing turfgrass for the climate and the conditions. Platinum TE meets sustainability goals with low input requirements, thrives in the Mediterranean summers with excellent heat and drought tolerance, and keeps its dark green color longer during the region’s cooler months. In addition, durability, density, and quick recovery make the turfgrass an attractive choice for the many athletic fields Novogreen supplies.

Also included in Platinum TE’s expansion is Atlas Turf Arabia, the first and only turf farm in Saudi Arabia to offer licensed and certified turfgrass. The farm is a joint venture between Atlas Turf International and Golf Saudi created to meet the needs of extensive golf development planned in the country as well as sports field and landscaping projects.

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“The advantages of having a farm within Saudi Arabia producing Platinum TE are numerous,” said John Holmes, co-founder of Atlas Turf Arabia. “Locally grown Platinum TE provides developers and contractors with a proven, quality turfgrass available quickly to meet the expedited timelines on many ambitious projects throughout the country.”

Atlas Turf Arabia chose Platinum TE as its first turfgrass variety based on its many superior sustainability benefits. Saudi Arabia’s Green Initiative challenges developers to seek environmentally responsible products, especially concerning water. Platinum TE meets the challenge with exceptional salt tolerance, allowing projects to use TSE irrigation. As with the Mediterranean, the Gulf Region also demands the extreme heat and drought tolerance of Platinum TE as well as its durability needed for sports field applications.

Platinum TE Paspalum production at Novogreen and Atlas Turf Arabia is certified by the International Turfgrass Genetic Assurance Program (ITGAP). To learn more about Platinum TE Paspalum, visit the website at

About Platinum TE™ Paspalum

Introduced in 2007 by Ron R. Duncan, Ph.D., Platinum TE delivers unsurpassed playability and appearance combined with renowned service and expertise. Platinum TE’s many key characteristics include unmatched salt tolerance, a darker green color for exceptional striping, better density for outstanding ball set-up, and superior tolerance to low light intensity conditions. This naturally selected paspalum is certified and licensed, and perfect for installation at sports venues, golf courses, and other turfgrass areas. For more information, visit

About Novogreen

Founded in 2005, Novogreen is one of the most important producers of natural grass in Europe, with more than 330 hectares of production and around 24 varieties (12 of them certified by ITGAP), thus responding to all the needs of the sports and landscaping markets. The wide range of varieties produced by Novogreen focuses on those that are sustainable, with low water needs and reduced maintenance. As a pioneer in the application of new technologies and processes such as washed sod or the no-till system, Novogreen also produces special hybrid turf for soccer. For more information, visit

About Atlas Turf Arabia

Atlas Turf Arabia offers advanced varieties of premium turfgrasses developed to meet the region’s environmental and performance challenges – including the sustainability goals of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. For the first time, projects can purchase quality turfgrass locally, benefitting from a Saudi Arabian source of licensed and certified products that can meet the increasing demands of the many golf course, sports pitch, and landscape projects underway in the Kingdom. For more information, visit

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