Pond Boss Pro 2016 Catalog Features Newly Expanded Line Of Lake Management Products

March 4, 2016 – GeoGlobal Partners announces the publication of their pond boss PRO Lake Management catalog. This catalog introduces the newly expanded line of products designed to maintain and enhance lakes or large bodies of water.

Known for their effective bacteria bio-maintenance product, The Blockâ¾Ã‚¢, GeoGlobal Partners is pleased to showcase the entire family of pond boss PRO water treatments which are designed to clean, clear, condition, and balance the beauty of your body of water. Safe for fish, plants and wildlife, pond boss PRO water treatments work with the environment in mind and are produced using a green approach.

In addition to the complete line of professional grade water treatments, pond boss PRO has launched a series of energy efficient and professional grade aeration products to fully round out the line. These surface and subsurface aeration systems are engineered to introduce the needed amounts of oxygen into large bodies of water and improve water clarity.

‘We take the environment seriously and we understand the day to day issues and challenges associated with keeping large bodies of water clean and clear,’ says Todd Rosendahl, Lake Management National Sales Manager for GeoGlobal Partners. ‘This catalog is our introduction of all the great innovation our team has developed to address the issues that our customers have shared. We’ve listened and are here to help’.

For more information or to request a copy of the catalog, call 1-888-755-6750.

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