QuietKat Golf Enjoys Successful Debut at 2015 PGA Merchandise Show Proven in the Outdoor/Hunting Market QuietKats are now Prowling the Links! (Feb 10)

February 10, 2015 – QuietKats (, a line of portable, personal electric golf vehicles made quite a bit of noise at their debut at the PGA Show in Orlando, FL

“We were very pleased with the response of the golf industry to our QuietKats,” exclaimed CEO Jake Roach.” It looks like the industry is ready for a more environmentally friendly, faster and more economical personal vehicle for golf, he added.

“Many golf course owners and operators have indicated an interest in testing the new Kats on their home turf this Spring.” We will be providing updated/refined Kats for their use within the next several weeks and months,” said Roach. To see the golf Kats in action please use this link:

Feedback from the Show has also spurred several design improvements that will be added this spring. The revised Kats will be fitted with a new front drive turf tread tire, specifically designed for the lowest turf impact of any tire available. In addition, the company is re-designing the Kat’s rack and golf bag carrier, which will now accommodate virtually any current golf bag available.

The QuietKat Golf Line is based upon the company’s highly successful Portable, Electric All-Terrain Vehicles (PE-ATV) QuietKats for outdoors/hunting. They were introduced two years ago. The Golf Kat has been engineered to include all the amenities of a traditional cart while increasing engagement and decreasing time spent on the course. “A golfer being able to drive to their own ball not only quickens play but also allows more time to focus on and execute the next shot,” said Jake Roach, CEO of QuietKat.

QuietKat’s new golf carts are right for the times. They are lightweight, weighing about 100 pounds, can travel 40 miles on a charge, are built in the United States, can negotiate any terrain, operate silently and feature specially designed turf tires to minimize impact to sensitive golf courses. In fact QuietKats were specifically engineered to be shipped in a Fed Ex Ground Box!

QuietKat also announced new business purchase prices and lease/financing rates for the Kats.

All Kats include powerful and long-lasting lithium battery packs, no wheel spin technology, reverse gear, aluminum frames, hydraulic disk brakes, digital displays and a one year warranty. Unique to the new golf line are special turf tread tires, golf bag rack, drink cooler, ball and club washer, sand bottle and front handle bar bag.

“Bottom line, QuietKat is exciting, portable, versatile, quick and loaded with top end features. Sure to add more fun to anyone’s round of golf,” Roach concluded.

About QuietKat/UrgeMedia
The QuietKat Company is a division of UrgeMedia, Inc. Both companies are located in Eagle, Colorado.

UrgeMedia specializes in multifaceted media aggregation targeted specifically to reach the outdoorsman. UrgeMedia is not an agency.

The Company purchases a wide variety of inventory components that range from standard commercial placements to integrated content pieces such as: video billboards, skits, segments, logo wear, show bugs, product usage and brand placement. UrgeMedia also looks to aggregate digital and mobile device app marketing opportunities within the same outdoor markets.

Annually, UrgeMedia has partnering relations with over 75 different outdoor/hunting/fishing TV shows and their digital / social distribution channels. These productions broadcast nationally on the Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, Pursuit Channel, Wild TV, Destination America and NBC Sports.

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