Restoring the Earth’s Soils and Water

Biofeed Turf - Grayhawk Golf Course
Biofeed Turf - Grayhawk Golf Course

Restoring the Earth’s Soils and Water

Biofeed cares about our planet’s delicate ecosystem. Our products are proprietary, enzyme-based treatment solutions formulated to work in harmony with nature. Many competing products are chemical-based. Our products promote a pro-biological growing environment to increase water, mineral and nutrient absorption. Biofeed products are university and field-tested to build healthy, living soil. Working with nature – instead of against it – produces a lot of return for a small investment.

The Man Behind the Biofeed Plan

Mr. Dan Lee has spent his entire adult life studying biology, chemistry and bio-technical applications since 1986. During 30 years of field practice, Dan has learned much about how the earth’s ecosystems co-exist to support life. Nature’s original design suffers from environmental neglect and usage of various chemicals. Biofeed creates environmental products that repair the earth’s soil and water.

Amino-Carbon Technology®

Thirty-plus years of field research and development led to the creation of Biofeed’s unique Amino-Carbon Technology® (ACT). Biofeed products with ACT help to reduce sodium toxicity, balance water biology, and improve root and soil interactions. ACT is proven effective over a period of more than three decades through agricultural, aquaculture, environmental, and turf-grass university studies world-wide.

Professional Turf Products Powered by ACT

Biofeed products deliver easy to use liquid products to the turf manager that promote nutrient solubility and availability. All nutrients must be soluble for absorption and delivered to the plant either through the leaf or root uptake. This requires the nutrient to be complexed with the proper balance of bio-available compounds that the plant favors. This is what we have achieved with our Amino-Carbon Technology (ACT). Field studies of Biofeed Professional Turf products reveal they address:

Water Absorption: Dissolve extreme mineral and sodium deposits. This, in turn, reduces water consumption since there is less water run-off.

Fairy Ring: Release oxygen to promote aerobic microbes that compete with active disease then promote regrowth of the affected areas.

Black Layer: Apply bio-stimulants and oxygen releasing elemental oxygen that creates environmental conditions that are not conducive to the growth of bacteria that cause black-layer and increase nutrient levels and increase root depth.

Turf Density/Deep Green Color: Increase nutrients, neutralize soil salts, promote deep root growth and increase water absorption.

Brown Patch, Summer Patch, and Dollar Spot: Stimulate new growth and reduce disease intrusion.

Loss of shrubs, trees, and flowering plants: Neutralize sodium toxicity, improve soil fertility, create soil conditions that resist disease, improve flowering, enhance color and reduce growing time.

Creating a Better Golfing Experience

“Biofeed’s Amino-Carbon Technology is light years ahead of the competition. My greens have continued to be firmer, faster, and have better root structure since we have been on a complete Biofeed program. My clipping yields on greens are very consistent each and every day, producing great putting surfaces without compromising turf quality. By using Biofeed’s product line, it helps Grayhawk continue to have great playing surfaces without increasing operational costs.” – Ernie Pock, Director of Turf Management – Grayhawk Golf Club, Scottsdale AZ

Our Valued Customers

Biofeed is determined to produce the best products and treatment programs for your business. We want our customers to be as encouraged as we are about preserving the Earth’s environment. Biofeed provides its representatives and customers with training from our product development team.

About Us

Since 1986, Biofeed continues producing and marketing the most advanced biotechnology products available. We provide our quality products to Golf Courses, Landscaping Firms, Farms, HOA, and retail consumers in the USA and across the globe.

See our website: Or contact us at Phone 623-930-7510 Fax 623-930-8598.

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