Signature expands SHARE platform to include WaterSense Labeled controllers.

Signature obtained WaterSense approval in June 2013 after successfully passing the EPA’s rigorous testing protocols. This is exciting news for existing users of Signature or Nelson 8600 controllers and Signature web users globally, that require smarter control as all these controllers can now simply be upgraded with a Signature Share module, eliminating the need to replace the entire controller.

The innovative Signature Share platform software maximizes water efficiency by using unique irrigation management techniques, incorporating localized data such as evapotranspiration (ET) and rainfall based on real-time weather conditions, soil type, vegetation or plant type, property slope, sun exposure to create and automatically download a customized watering schedule every day.

The Signature Share platform operates on any web based phone or computer anywhere in the world, true to Signature’s creed of “do anything … from anywhere”

Simply purchase the controller from your local supplier, install and register at, download the App from the Apple® App Store, and voila; you are ready to contribute to the global effort to save a vital resource…water!

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