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Smithco Announces the Star Command 3.0 System

Smithco Star Command 3.0 System

There is no one in the Turf Industry that has more experience with Precision Application of Plant Protectants and Controls. As we enter our ninth year of manufacturing and marketing the Smithco Star Command System for Smithco Spray Star platforms, we’re proud to announce the third generation of this technology.

With our Partner, TeeJet® Technologies, the Star Command 3.0 System features all of TeeJet’s® previous benefits for Superintendents. Only Smithco Star Command has these Exclusive Features which includes your Choice of GPS Accuracy Levels using TeeJet® Technologies Aeros 9040 Flow Control Computer:

  • Five (5) cm or less for one time permanent creation of discrete boundaries, again with no upfront cost and with a reasonable annual subscription for the advanced correction signal using TerraStar-C Pro for differential correction control, as well as usage of multiple satellite constellations.

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control of Droplet Size controlled by TeeJet® Technologies DynaJet 7140:

  • DynaJet allows an extremely wide range of application speeds, often as wide as 3 MPH-10 MPH at the same Droplet Size and Pressure, greatly reducing application times, often double your previous production. This allows the Spray Tech to stay well ahead of the Tee Sheet or Weather. Also, with the ability to control Droplet Size separately from both Target Application Rate and Speed, you’ll have the ability to control Drift “On the Fly” as wind and weather conditions change.
    Dual Nozzle Bodies that automatically adjust from single to dual flow to expand the flow as needed to maintain Target Rate at those higher speeds.
    Instant On/Off while retaining Pressure and Droplet Size “At the Tip”, achieving a reduction in costs as you no longer have to Recharge the Boom in On/Off cycles.
  • All of the above on one of Smithco’s 15 foot, 18.5 foot, 20 Foot, or 24 Foot heavy-duty booms with nozzles spaced at 20 inches and Electric over Hydraulic Lift/Lower of boom wings. The Triangular Truss design of the Smithco series of booms provide excellent protection to both the nozzles bodies and tips

The new Smithco Star Command 3.0 adds exclusive new benefits that will further enhance the accuracy of your spray applications.

  • Virtual, On-Screen Nozzle Control. TeeJet’s® new job computers allow control for up to 100 nozzle sections that can be controlled individually. This eliminates the need for extra cabling and possible failure of mechanical switches.
  • Ten Inch (10”) Nozzle spacing to cut off-target applications in half. The 10” spacing also allows for more efficacy because of increased overlap of the spray patterns.
  • The DynaJet system is also now incorporated into the Aeros 9040 controller, again eliminating extra cabling and the separate controller the previous system required.
  • Turn Compensation, another Smithco Turf Industry-exclusive corrects flow to keep Application Rates on Target through turns as tight as a 20-foot radius. Turn Compensation lets the Spray Tech avoid straight line applications on contoured areas or having to live with the varying rates standard flow control systems cause, as much as 40-50% from the inside to the outside of a boom. That doubles the application rate on the inside and cuts the outside rate in half.
  • TerraStar-C Pro is an improved differential correction signal that significantly reduces correction Convergence Time, to as little as 90 seconds or less. All of this new technology is available across the Smithco line-up of Spray Star Platforms:
    • – 110 G/418 L Single Seat Greens & Tees Specialty Sprayer (Gasoline)
    • – 175 G/665 L Single Seat Utility Sprayer (Gasoline)
    • – 200 G/760 L Dual Seat Utility Sprayer (Gasoline or Diesel)
    • – 318 G/1208 L Dual Seat Wide Area Utility Sprayer (Gasoline)
    • – 520 G/1967 L Dual Seat Wide Area Sprayer (Gasoline)

The new Smithco Star Command 3.0 is available beginning October 1, 2020. Ask your Smithco dealer or visit for additional information or to set up a demonstration of the exciting new technology.

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