Soil Technologies announces national distribution of Bio-Mega (Feb 4)

February 4, 2015 – Soil Technologies has announced it will begin national distribution of TurfTech Bio-Mega.

The TurfTech Bio-Mega formula is an enhancement of the original TurfTech formula that was developed in conjunction with Dr. Fred Williams at Iowa State University during the 1980s. The TurfTech product line was created to provide golf turf managers with an effective, broad-spectrum bio-inoculant used as an alternative to chemical inputs. Research at major turfgrass universities confirmed the efficacy of TurfTech. Data confirmed that TurfTech’s nitrogen-fixing organisms could replace part of the fertilizer needed by fine turfs. In addition, research published by the EPA showed that TurfTech was an effective method of reducing soil compaction. Finally, work done in the late 1990s confirmed that TurfTech could reduce the incidence and severity of fungal pathogens of turf.

The new TurfTech Bio-Mega formula adds a diverse concentration of beneficial microbials that are known to improve turf rooting, nutrient uptake, and plant health. In addition, Bio-Mega contains a variety of plant-derived substances including steroidal saponins.

“TurfTech Bio-Mega is a natural extension to our TurfTech branded products,” said Steve Nichols, executive vice president of Soil Technologies Corp. “Since 1986, TurfTech products have been utilized by golf course superintendent’s world-wide to reduce soil compaction, inhibit turf diseases, and cut fertilizer requirements. Now, TurfTech Bio-Mega is available to turf managers who are seeking a total microbial ecosystem for transforming the rhizosphere and improving turf performance under all kinds of challenging conditions.”


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