Soil Technologies Delivering “The Goods” for 30 Years

Steve Nichols of Soil Technologies
Steven Nichols of Soil Technologies

Just ask any superintendent, beautiful bunkers and lovely flower beds can only get you so far. True, golfers love those little “extras.” Perfect cart paths, beautiful trees, trim and tidy shorelines, and clean and contemporary restrooms are a few obvious examples. However, at the end of the day – or, more accurately, the round! – it’s the quality of the turf that carries the most weight. And this is precisely why hundreds of golf course superintendents have, for the past 30 years, put their trust in Soil Technologies Corporation.

Started in 1982 as an R & D company, Soil Tech has grown to become an industry leader in providing safe and sustainable biological products to a wide assortment of agronomic industries. Based in Fairfield, Iowa, Soil Tech continues to diversify, offering multiple products to large-field agricultural corporations, greenhouses, landscaping companies, lawn and garden companies, parks and municipalities, and, of course, golf courses and other turfgrass industries.

“The golf industry is a significant market for us,” says Steve Nichols, Executive VP, and Domestic Marketing Manager. “In North America, approximately 75% of our business is in this industry. We are a trusted source for a wide variety of safe, environmentally-friendly products that save golf course time and money. But the improvement in the health and overall quality of the turf when superintendents use our products is the real selling point. Our products work. And they work well. Thanks to over 30 years of experience in developing our extensive product lines, including rigorous testing in labs and universities, we have a growing base of loyal followers.”So what are the products that really set this company apart? “Our most popular products in the golf industry are Bio-Mega, Bac-Pack, Armorex nematocide, and our Liquid Aeration program,” says Nichols. “And, depending on a course’s needs, they will all yield substantial results when it comes to the health and playability of the turf.”

For example, Bio-Mega, which is billed as “A Total Microbial Ecosystem,” has been designed to provide a complete microbial biosphere in the rootzone of highly-maintained turf grasses. The components in Bio-Mega, which are a diverse concentrate of naturally occurring soil microbes that enhance turf health and fertility, work to mineralize nutrients in the soil, fix environmental nitrogen in the soil, provide additional levels of naturally occurring phytoelicitors for improved plant health, build soil organic matter, regulate soil pH, and displace pathogens in the rhizosphere.

The end result of using the 100% organic product (a regular monthly application would involve mixing a pound of the dry powder with 60-100 gallons of water per acre) is improved turfgrass rooting, improved plant growth and vigor, improved soil structure and fertility, reduced fertilizer and chemical needs, and, certainly, a much stronger, healthier, and consistent turf for golfers to play on.

“With the introduction of TurfTech Bio-Mega, Soil Tech Corporation offers the next evolution in the development of biologically derived products.” says Nichols. “TurfTech Bio-Mega provides turf managers with an economically feasible method of reducing fertilizer, fungicides, and water requirements while achieving a greener, denser, more vigorous, disease-resistant turf.”

Similarly, the results of using Bac-Pack, which is the company’s proprietary blend of microorganisms and anti-oxidants, can be dramatic. Unquestionably, for disease suppression – including wilt and summer stress – there may not be a better product on the market. Regular Bac-Pack applications improve root growth and are highly-effective in treating Anthracnose, Fusarium, and Rhizoctonia.
“Bac-Pack works as well as any fungicide I’ve ever used,” says Mike Greene, Head Superintendent at the Downriver Golf Course in Spokane, Washington. “It also costs less per application than any other fungicide I’ve used for Rhizoctonia. Bac-Pack provides relief from a host of plant problems and helps sustain superior turf quality while reducing chemical inputs. We’ve cut our fungicide costs by approximately 65% and we are incorporating it regularly in our agronomic practices.”

Without a doubt, the high costs associated with mechanical aeration – including equipment breakdowns, extensive labor, and materials that accompany the practice – have been a thorn in the side of superintendents (and golfers!) for decades. So, not surprisingly, Soil Tech’s Liquid Aeration products have become increasingly popular with golf course superintendents.

The easy-to-use Liquid Aeration program that Soil Tech has developed has proven to be an effective method to reduce the long list of problems associated with mechanized aeration. The combination of the two liquid applications – Thatch Relief and Oasys Ultra – opens up tight soil, increases turfgrass rooting, and reduces excessive thatch. The two products are mixed together, spray applied, and deliver cost savings and predictable results in every situation and for every variety of turfgrasses.

“Our Liquid Aeration products can be a real game-changer,” says Nichols. “The costs, the core clean-up, the mechanical issues, and the disruptions to play have plagued superintendents for decades. This program reduces thatch by 15% per application. And, the best part is, the unwanted side effects are alleviated.”

Regardless of the “root” issues – whether it’s pests, disease, thatch, compaction, or some sort of unruly combination! – that are hindering your turf from thriving from tee to green, rest assured, Soil Technologies Corporation has answers for your dilemma. Even severe turf issues and diseases can be effectively treated with their products.

With its diverse array of technologies, Soil Tech offers effective alternatives for disease and pest controls, fertilizers, soil conditioners, biostimulants, and aquatic and soil bio-remediation products. Their products have been developed through extensive research and development, along with licensed technologies from many other companies and universities.

“Many of our key employees have been with our company for over 25 years,” says Nichols. “We understand the issues golf course superintendents are facing in the complex world of turfgrass maintenance. This experience is key. We are always happy to assist you in your search for healthy and effective solutions. Because, as we all know, the quality of your turfgrass is the most important aspect of your operation.”

Andrew Penner is a freelance writer and photographer based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His work has appeared in many leading golf publications throughout North America, including Golf Magazine, Golf Digest, The Golf Channel, Golf Canada, and SCOREGolf Magazine. Contact Andrew at

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