State golf association awards 11 scholarships

The New York State Golf Association has announced 11 recipients of its annual Scholarship Program award.

The scholarship is worth $1,500 and is renewed every year as long as the student remains in good academic standing. It is given to college students who are studying such golf-related fields such as agronomy, turf grass management and professional golf management (PGM).

The five students whose scholarships are being renewed are: Adam Baj (Buffalo), majoring in PGM at Methodist University; Aidan Graven (Owego), majoring in turfgrass science at Penn State University; Kyle Lewis (Saratoga Springs), majoring in PGM at SUNY Delhi; David Mastroianni (Schenectady), majoring in PGM at Florida Gulf Coast University; and Michael Wesko (Endicott), the Billy Arliss Scholarship winner, a PGM major at Methodist University.

The six new students who will be receiving scholarships this year include Douglas Brown (Mayfield and SUNY Delhi), who is majoring in turfgrass science. The other five are PGM majors: Brandon Gaydorus (Endicott and Methodist University), Damon Kull (Old Forge and Florida Gulf Coast University), Kevin Mackey (Kingston and SUNY Delhi), Paul Montanaro (Brockport and Campbell University), and Greg Stavrou (Rockville and SUNY Delhi).

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