Superintendent Denis Kerr Quail Lodge Golf Course

Denis Kerr, Golf Course Superintendent, Quail Lodge & Golf Club

The immaculate playing conditions of our 18-hole golf course is often what draws people to play at Quail. But our golf course doesn’t simply grow that way. Behind the scenes is a team of dedicated greenskeepers – scratch that – scientists, led by a man of whom deserves far greater recognition, yet asks for none. An unsung hero who commits his life to ensuring that our golf course is second to none. He is dedicated, passionate and handsome (albeit self-proclaimed) beyond compare. To those within the world of Golf Course Superintendents, he is referred to as “the man,” “the myth” and sometimes even “the legend.” But to us here at Quail Lodge & Golf Club, we simply refer to him as Denis. Our appreciation, admiration and respect, however, fall nothing short of in line with the aforementioned references.

Denis Kerr, Golf Course Superintendent, started working at Quail Lodge & Golf Club under the same position in 1989. All joking aside, and though he may not admit it, he is the heart, the soul and the backbone of Quail’s award-winning course conditions. Having received a formal education in his craft and acquiring a respectable array of certifications and memberships along his journey, he has expressed no interest in doing anything else or working anywhere else. When asked why Quail Lodge & Golf Club is so special to him, his response was simple, “It’s home.”

The complexities of maintaining a golf course are a true combination of science and art … and there is no one better at it than Denis. Therefore, we at Quail Lodge & Golf Club are proud to showcase one of the world’s greatest Golf Course Superintendents in this month’s #StaffSpotlight. For example, how many people do you know that have slept in the back of their pick-up truck on the first fairway to ensure that the wild pigs wouldn’t tear it up in the middle of the night? If that doesn’t scream dedication to his job and the guests who play Quail, then we don’t know what does!

So the next time you join us to play a round of golf, take a moment to stop and appreciate the gorgeous landscape that Denis Kerr and his team bring to life on a daily basis.


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