SUPERthrive Originator Dr. John A.A. Thomson Recipient of Lifetime Environmental Awareness Award

North Hollywood – On June 26, 2009 Dr. John A.A. Thomson, Ph.D., D.A., 97, originator of SUPERthrive®, received a surprise visit from America’s Natural Master Gardener, Nick Federoff, on behalf of Sustainable Environmental Education (SEE) to award him their highest recognition “Lifetime Environmental Awareness Award.”

“When I worked at Blue Hills Nursery in the 70’s I learned about SUPERthrive, what it could do for plants and the man behind it. So I started using it myself growing Cycads by seed and the results were amazing” states Federoff. He continues, “Soon thereafter I began going to trade shows and he always made time to talk with me. When meeting his lovely wife, June, I found out she was a fan of my radio show!” Dr. Thomson’s environmental contributions that are best known are his worldwide-used product SUPERthrive® and its outstanding effects: reforestation; increased volume, grade, and speed of crops; overcoming adverse growing conditions; providing mental and physical health helps; eliminating interior toxicity; reviving trees and other plants; normalizing and perfecting plants; improving recreation (including satisfaction) of gardening for children, handicapped, committed persons.

He recalls early factors in his environment awareness “my grandfather was an orchardist, and my parents supported the protection of wildlife and National parks advocated by President Theodore Roosevelt and naturalist John Muir” exclaims Dr. Thomson. His parents also provided him with vegetable and flower seeds when he was 7 years old. He also credits school biology classes and possibly the earliest known college class in ecology in 1931.

When Federoff learned of the award he insisted on personally presenting the citation. In keeping as “green” as possible SEE opted for a simple presentation at Dr. Thomson’s SUPERthrive® Vitamin Institute facilities in North Hollywood.

“Whenever I speak with Dr. Thomson it’s an honor. To formally recognize someone who has been working for nearly a century for the good of the environment is humbling and will be etched in my mind and heart forever.” SUPERthrive® can be found at nurseries, garden centers and retail outlets nationwide.

For detailed information, visit Sustainable Environmental Education ( is a 501 ( c ) 3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to unite and inspire higher performance through education, outreach, advocacy and the mutual exchange of ideas to better one’s life. SEE innovatively broadens its wide-ranging environmental education projects.

Nick Federoff is host of the award winning daily vignette, “Things Green Garden Minute,” and the weekend call-in two-hour program “Nick Federoff on Gardening” heard on radio stations throughout the country since 1988. He can be found on-line at

For more information or to interview Dr. Thomson or Nick Federoff contact Dan Stevens at 562-945-6469.

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