The Cutting Edge of VA website back in service!

Published March 2, 2014
Our new webpage is up and running. ( It is a little different than in the past. It is intended to show well on various platforms, like smart phones and tablets, as well as PC’s. There will be a bit more tweaking as we move forward. Thanks for everyone’s patience. We just received a new program from SCAG for all first responders. All Police, Firemen, and Vets will get a good chunk of money off the purchase of a new SCAG mower. What a great way to give back to all those that put their lives on the line. Give us a call for details. The program is in effect NOW.

Spring seems to be eluding us at the moment, but one thing is sure, each day is one closer. Is your lawn equipment ready? The shop is filling up. Don’t get caught with grass up to your knees and a broken lawn mower. Winter specials tune up specials are still in effect. Give us a shout if we can be of service.

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