The Electric Advantage

Mean Green Mowers manufacture powerful, electric, lithium powered mowers. We offer a full line of zero emission, zero gas or fluids, LOW noise and low maintenance mowers and electric hand held equipment including Push, Walk Behind, Stand On and Zero Turn models, Commercial Cordless Battery Electric Hand Held String Trimmer with Battery Backpack (Hedge Trimmer, Chain Saw/Pruner and Edging attachments also available) and our extremely quiet Commercial Cordless Battery Backpack Blower. The perfect package for golf courses to keep your customers happy.


Low Noise

Powered by Mean Green Lithium Energy Modules, our mowers offer all day mowing with extreme power and stealthy operation. With available horsepower exceeding most commercial gas mowers in their classes and maximum torque from the start, Mean Green Mowers prove that cordless electric mowers can be powerful and extremely quiet. The loudest our mowers will get is 80 db, where gas mowers are 95-100 db. For every 6db difference in sound, noise doubles. So, our 80db mower is less than half the noise of a 86db mower. Our products are the perfect alternative for noise sensitive areas!

Zero Emissions

Mean Green Products

Mean Green Products


The Electric Advantage over fossil fuels for your outdoor power equipment is substantial to you and the environment. Switching to electric mowers, trimmers, and utility vehicles has a major impact on lowering emissions while saving you money. Outdoor (off-road) power equipment such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers, grass trimmers, farm tractors, ATVs, UTVs, and so on, are all part of a sparsely regulated group of fossil fuel powered products. These products have a large impact on our environment. Since they are not “on-road” vehicles, the EPA has put very little effort into regulating emissions on these products. Due to this limited regulation, outdoor power vehicles have become the worst polluters and the least efficient products on the market today. Emissions are more than 30 times worse than on-road gas vehicles and efficiency is way down near 20%. Gas powered outdoor power equipment is so polluting that the EPA has concluded that just one 2-cycle string trimmer can produce as many emissions in one hour as one full size pick-up truck traveling over 3,000 miles!

Zero Gas 

At Mean Green Products, LLC, we provide powerful electric replacements for gas engine products that run at close to 90% efficiency and only cost about 5% of what you would pay to operate and maintain their gas engine rival. This means you can save anywhere from $5.50 – $8.00 per hour while mowing with one of our extremely efficient zero-turn battery powered mowers.

Mean Green Products

Mean Green Products

Low Maintenance


Routine maintenance is one of the most important, time consuming, and most expensive tasks that every gas mower owner is plagued with time and time again throughout the service life of the mower. With Mean Green Mowers, there is very little routine maintenance. There is no internal combustion engine, so no spark plugs to clean/change, no carb/injectors to rebuild, no engine oil or filters to change, no hydraulics, no belts, no pulleys, no clutches, no air filters… In fact, there are no oils or liquids to leak or spill at all on Mean Green Mowers. The only “routine” maintenance is greasing the two grease fittings on the front wheels every 50-100 hours!



Mean Green Mowers are the first commercial, pure electric mowers to combine a powerful electric mower with long-lasting lithium batteries. This combination leads to unprecedented all day mow times for any commercial electric mowers. We chose our Green Lithium(TM) cells for our Lithium Energy Modules (LEMs) for their safety, dense energy storage, light weight, and extreme charge cycle life. Each one of our Mean Green LEMs is designed, and has been tested to exceed 1500 complete charging cycles without losing any more than 10% of their capacity. Recent independent tests have shown up to 4000 cycles and still only reducing capacity by 15% for our Mean Green LEMs. This means that each of our mowers can mow 6000-9000 hours!

Impress your customers with the electric advantage and make the switch today! Mow Green Save Green! 513-738-4736

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