The Pines Golf Course will reopen in Toccoa

Toccoa City Commissioners unanimously approved Monday a new lease agreement for the property, putting everything in place for a new group to take over operations of the course.

The city has entered into a lease agreement with the JKT Golf Group of Toccoa. Trigger Thomason and James Kennedy are listed as the guarantors in the lease. The group also consists of Charles Jordan, who will serve as a consultant, according to the group, and Byron Kennedy, who will be an employee.

City commissioners, including Vice Mayor David Austin, said they appreciate the group stepping forward.

“I appreciate the folks who have an interest in the golf course,” Austin said. “I have long said that if we could not get quality people to run it, I would turn it into a hayfield. But since we have got you folks who are interested in running this course for the benefits of the citizens and visitors, I appreciate you all stepping forward. I know you will all do a good job. It is an asset to the city of Toccoa.”

The lease is for five years, through March 31, 2016.

The JKT Golf Group said it hopes to open the course as soon as possible, perhaps this coming weekend if it can secure access to carts by then. Also, it says there are plans to rename the course Black Mountain Golf.

The nine-hole, city-owned course is on Black Mountain Road in Toccoa, just off of Ga. 17 Alternate. It has been closed since September, when the former operators ceased running it.


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