There Will be NO Porta-Johns in Heaven

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You spend a fortune making your course heaven on earth, and yet you serve your customers porta-johns, or the only alternative that is worse – nothing. This impacts your prestige, your green fees, and the number of rounds sold. A recent survey reveals that a majority of both men and women consider on-course restrooms when deciding where to play. Convenient flush restrooms will become an even larger factor with the aging of the baby boomers.

Why don’t all up-scale golf courses have flush restrooms on the course like they do in the clubhouse? The answer is simple. They are too expensive to build. Paying for a new restroom building itself may be affordable. However, the cost of running utilities may be more than the restroom building.

Fortunately, Green Flush Technologies is providing golf courses with a fashionable, odorless flush restroom option without the owners having to tear up the turf and paving or spend a dime on installing utilities.


Our restrooms are affordable, commercial quality, and built to last decades. They are delivered to the course fully ready for service and are installed on-course in just a few hours.

Customers will not notice anything that is different from what they see, smell, and experience in other quality flush restrooms because there are no differences. It’s what they can’t see that makes our restrooms special.

Below the floor is a large concrete vault that holds the sewage and has the capacity for thousands of uses. Water for flushing can be provided by connection to a potable waterline or an irrigation line. Where pressurized water is not available, the vault below the floor is partitioned to accommodate a cistern for delivered water and/or collected rainwater.


On-course restrooms will need to have the sewage pumped out 2-4 times a year. This is often done under a contract with the same folks who pump out the porta-johns. The cost of this service amounts to about 15 cents per restroom use which may be less than the cost of a porta-john rental. Where pressurized water is not available, water for the sinks and toilets can be delivered by a local water hauler, or by a water trailer with water from a remote tap on the course.

Texas A&M Interior


Green Flush Technologies has several standard models to choose from or we can work with your architect to provide you exactly what you want. You choose the finishes and the features of your new restroom. From basic, to fully loaded, to extravagant, we can do it at the lowest possible price for a flush restroom installed on your course.


We’ve all seen impressive clubhouse restrooms. Now imagine that kind of restroom impression being made where it will be really appreciated. A flush restroom experience on the course signals affluence and stature for the few that have it. Having one is a great way to separate from the other courses in the area that cannot offer the same. If you have considered adding a flush restroom on your course but couldn’t find a way to make it feasible, we are here to be your flush restroom problem solver. Contact us today for more information and pricing.
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