Toro Announces New Tier 4 Reelmaster® and Groundsmaster® Models

The Toro Company is leading the way in the implementation of cleaner diesel engine technology that complies with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Tier 4 Final emission standard. The company will be introducing several new Tier 4 compliant Reelmaster® and Groundsmaster® mowers beginning in 2013 that incorporate more sophisticated electronic controls, as well as new engines, exhaust systems, and after-treatment technology. The new designs will meet stringent EPA Tier 4 Final emission requirements for off-highway diesel engines that went into effect January 1st, 2013 and establish precise limits on the amount of pollutants – specifically Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and Particulate Matter (PM) – that can be released into the environment.

The Toro Company’s Tier 4 compliant Reelmaster and Groundsmaster diesel mowers will utilize advanced Yanmar® Tier 4 diesel engine technology. Yanmar engines provide a low total lifecycle ownership cost and are more environmentally friendly than non-Tier 4 diesel alternatives. More specifically, the engines meet the Tier 4 Final standard that requires a 90 percent reduction in PM released plus additional reductions in hydrocarbons and NOx emissions as compared to Tier 4 Interim models. These EPA mandated requirements for non-highway diesel powered products between 25 and 74 hp are part of the Federal Clean Air Act legislation aimed at reducing air pollution.

Toro’s new Tier 4 Reelmaster and Groundsmaster models will continue to provide exceptional maneuverability and handling, superior after-cut appearance, and trouble-free performance and reliability – all while helping to lessen the environmental impact in the community.

“Tier 4 is about cleaner air and provides the turf maintenance industry another opportunity to exhibit leadership in safeguarding the environment,” says Grant Young, director of marketing for Toro Commercial Equipment. “Our new line of Tier 4 compliant diesel products provide our customers the performance they expect from Toro, while fulfilling both the spirit and requirements of Tier 4 Final.”

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