Triple Bend Rotary Blade by Turf Pride

Turf Pride introduced the NEW Triple Bend Rotary Blade at the Golf Industry Show in Las Vegas. The Triple Bend Blade is engineered for the professional turfgrass manager who is serious about achieving the highest quality of cut possible with a rotary mower. This rotary blade incorporates a unique bend process that creates a “lift” of the outer blade and the additional “sail” produces a massive air flow and superb discharge of clippings. This design produces a mulching action so incredible it virtually leaves no clippings or windrowing. The triple bend design created a beveled sharp edge on the bottom side of the blade making there no need to remove the blades to re-sharpen. Being this easy to re-sharpen it will maintain a crisp sharp edge which in turn means healthier turf and improved equipment performance.
Don Cotton, President of Turf Pride said, “By introducing this new blade to our product line we can help the customer save time and money, which certainly is important when budgets continue to get tighter and tighter.” “With this innovative blade, we have applied for a patent and see no problem in getting it approved,” Cotton said.

Blades are now available for most commercial rotary mowers and are available in a heavy duty or ultra thin profile. The Triple Bend Rotary blade uses the specifically formulated carbon steel, chrome and nickel that are being used in Turf Pride’s very successful Ultra Blade. These combinations of alloys produce a blade with an extremely high abrasive resistant quality.

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