Turf Max introduces reformulated TS Dormant Turf Paint (Sept 2)

September 2, 2015 – Turf Max has introduced the all-new, reformulated TS Dormant Advanced Green Paint.
Designed and reformulated to provide the longest lasting, most natural green color available to turf managers, TS Dormant now contains the proper binder and adhesive technology to ensure turf maintains a lush, dark color even during the most extreme winters and will not break down from ultra-violet radiation. Some of its benefits include:

–Improved turf quality and color
–Delayed dormancy
–Increased canopy and soil temperatures
–Faster, firmer playing conditions
–Reduced labor costs
–Reduced water, fertilizer and fungicide use

Previously sold as a pigment, TS Dormant is now designed as an all-year solution. It can be used on all varieties of turf – in any region and in any climate – both during cool and warm seasons.

“Quite simply, Turf Screen branded products offer turf managers the most effective versatile and affordable combination of paints, pigments, or plant protectants in the industry,” said Scott May, president of TurfMax. “The reformulated TS Dormant gives us a long-lasting paint formulation to compliment the plant protection of Turf Screen and our straight-pigment, TS Pure Green.”

TS Dormant is available in 2 X 2.5-gallon cases, 30-gallon drums and 55-gallon drums.

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