Turflynx introduces robotic fairway mower

Straight from of all places Portugal comes the newest thing to hit fairway mowing since the reel.

The Turflynx robotic electric fairway mower promises to reduce costs associated with fairway mowing, including labor, fuel and maintenance, by as much as 60 percent.

The Turflynx is available in two models. The F312 comes equipped with a lead acid battery that can mow about 6 acres of fairway turf on a single charge.

The F315 is powered by a lithium battery capable of mowing about 8.5 acres between charges.

Both can reach speeds of 5-6 mph and come equipped with three cutting units outfitted with seven blades. Optional 11- and 14-blade set-ups also are available.

Mowing patterns and schedules are established using a web-based interface that also allows each unit to find its way to the next fairway with reels in the up position allowing employees to perform other duties. An operator is required to maneuver the vehicle to its first pre-determined fairway and to return it to the shop.

Because it is web-enabled, the Turflynx automatically produces detailed reporting after each use.

Because it has a low profile and low center of gravity, the Turflynx can mow slopes up to 16 degrees in slope and has a rollover angle of 22 degrees.

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