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There are golf courses throughout the country, and usually, where there is a golf course there are lakes and ponds. U.S. Aqua Vac specializes in cleaning lakes and ponds of all types. With U.S. Aqua Vac’s methods, they will not tear up any landscaping or areas with heavy equipment. You will not have to worry about repairing landscaping or have sloppy muck get all over the place.

With customers in every state (and Puerto Rico), U.S. Aqua Vac’s headquarters is located in the Midwest. With offices across the country, including locations in Florida, Pennsylvania, California, South Dakota, Georgia and numerous places in-between. If you are located anywhere in the continental United States, U.S. Aqua Vac has service in your area. With No Freight Fees! U.S. Aqua Vac’s focus is exclusively on our customers and ensuring their expectations are met.

Process and Equipment

U.S. Aqua Vac’s machines are pond liner and plumbing safe. Instead of digging or draining a waterway, U.S. Aqua Vac uses your water to boost power and speed to remove the sediment. With their muck removal methods, you won’t have to worry about killing any wildlife.

U.S. Aqua Vac uses high horsepower vacuums & pumps and well-trained personnel with cleaning techniques that restore the lake or pond’s hard bottom. As for the silt that is removed from the lake or pond, it is pumped into a specialized muck bag. The bag is specially designed to let water seep out allowing the water to return to the main waterway. This process leaves only the solids behind. After the soil is dry, many golf courses use the dried dirt on their course. It acts a rich fertilizing soil. It can be used for berms, tee boxes, and even the golf courses landscaping.

Horsepower is absolutely essential to sediment removal. As there are other companies who try to show up using a little lawnmower engine water pump to remove sediment to increase their profits. All this does is stretch out the length of a project, leave sediment that the underpowered pump can’t handle, as the money keeps going into that companies pocket.

This is why every year around 20% of U.S. Aqua Vac’s new customers are upset people who had their pond cleaned recently by another company.

Before and After

Why get my pond cleaned?

There are many reasons why to get your lake or pond cleaned! Lakes and ponds start dying and filling themselves in as soon as they are created. Mother nature slowly starts turning a pond into a smelly murky swamp, and then gradually turning a murky swamp into a mosquito-infested marsh. Eventually, it becomes solid land with no evidence that a beautiful lake or pond existed.

Sometimes lakes and ponds seem a lot alike on the surface, but underneath the water, they are all different. Lakes & ponds have all types of mixes of muck. Some muck can come from weeds decomposing from chemical treatments. Another type can come from all of the ducks and geese sitting in the water. Muck is also created from leaves and branches falling into the water and sitting there over time. With the bacteria, toxic gases, and ammonia, muck and sludge come different colors, thicknesses, and smells.

U.S. Aqua Vac’s Business – is to Help Your Business

With U.S. Aqua Vac’s environmental friendly services they continue to win awards for their low priced, effective, non-messy muck, sludge, silt and sediment removal process. U.S. Aqua Vac has happy customers all over the U.S.A. From top-ranked golf courses to one man operation golf courses.

With being a top supporter and member of several green environmental foundations, U.S. Aqua Vac continues to make a difference. With your pond cleaning, U.S. Aqua Vac contributes and continues to make donations to the GCSAA, NGCOA and the Environmental Institute for Golf. They continue to have repeat golf course customers year after year to clean other ponds on their course. They respond quickly and are always ready to present the best price to your course and work with your needs.

To learn more about how U.S. Aqua Vac can help you and your golf course contact them today

866-989-MUCK (6825)

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