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United Turf Alliance introduces fungicide combining azoxystrobin and tebuconazole

A synergistic combination golf course fungicide, combining of some of the best turf fungicide technologies in the market: Azoxystrobin and Tebuconazole.

United Turf Alliance has announced the introduction of ArmorTech ZOXY-T, a golf course fungicide combining azoxystrobin and tebuconazole for the first time. The product will be available this fall in time for snow mold applications.

The synergy created by two of the best golf fungicide technologies delivers broad-spectrum disease control including patch diseases such as brown patches, foliar diseases such as dollar spots, and soil-borne pathogens including Pythium. Golf course superintendents can apply ArmorTech ZOXY-T at its highest rate to greens and tees to deliver a full amount of each active ingredient or spray at a lower rate for economical fairway disease control. ArmorTech ZOXY-T is currently labeled for golf course use only and is available in 4 x 1-gallon cases from United Turf Alliance members and partners.

“ArmorTech ZOXY-T is a game-changer for golf course disease control,” United Turf Alliance President Tim Zech said. “We expect this product will be used to treat thousands of fairway acres that superintendents could not previously afford to spray with the strobilurin class of fungicides. With tebuconazole being so complementary to azoxystrobin, it’s tough to imagine a better agronomic combination based on efficacy.”

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