Working Wonders with Wood

Timber bridges offer the natural beauty, versatility, and value that are an excellent fit for any project or environment on your golf course. Western Wood Structures is unique, as we can offer design, supply, delivery & installation all together as a single price. We are your complete timber bridge company.

Given our extensive experience in designing and supplying glue-laminated timber bridges, we can recommend them for many reasons:

  • Glulam can be manufactured into many configurations, including curved members and structural components, which allows the designer wide latitude in determining bridge shapes and styles.
  • Our timber bridge components are prefabricated and arrive at the site as a complete package.
  • Glulam is a relatively light construction material, which allows the use of less expensive equipment to install the bridge.
  • Modern pressure preservative treatments extend the service life of glulam bridges to 50 years or more.

Our sales and engineering staff are available to discuss your bridge construction plans and ideas. WWS timber bridges meet all applicable code requirements and are competitively priced. We are able to quickly deliver preliminary cost estimates based on the length, width and load requirements of an intended structure. Firm price quotes include design costs as well as detailed fabrication and assembly drawings.

We have accomplished many things in our 49 years as a timber products business in Oregon. But, most important is what we have accomplished for our customers. The common themes in our work are experience, value and the timeless appeal of timber products.

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