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Country Club of Bristol holds emergency meeting to discuss future

The Country Club of Bristol held an emergency meeting on Wednesday night. About 250 people showed up to talk about the future of the golf and fitness club.

The problem is a lack of members. Right now, it has just over 150 members but needs 250 to stay viable. The changing golf industry is just one of the problems.

There are fewer golfers now than there were 20 years ago when the club had more than 500 members. Another problem, the club pays more than $107,000 each year in property taxes.

Club owners plan to meet with the county property assessor to see if any relief is possible. Co-owner Mitch Walters said the fitness center is one of the most successful in the region.

Walters said the club is looking into ways of attracting more kids and women to the course. He also appreciated the members of city council and the Chamber of Commerce who showed up to support the club.

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