90 years of Naperville Country Club

When a group of Naperville businessmen who, enamored with the new recreational sensation sweeping the nation, applied to the state of Illinois to form the Naperville Country Club in 1921, they established a tradition that would help define the business and social lives of many Naperville families for generations.

This year marks the 90th anniversary of the venerable golf and social club that was founded during the golden age of golf in the U.S.

“The club has been one of the building blocks of the community ‚ a center of family, business and community moments, including receptions, weddings, charity events, Rotary meetings, high school tournaments, engagements, baby showers, client meetings, company outings and golf with Dad,” says Tim Anderson, club manager and superintendent. “This is essentially a family-owned and operated small business, and it has proven to be one the most successful in the city, operating in the same location for 90 years.”


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