Bio S.I. Technology’s Turf Formula earns the favor of Superintendents

Keeping turf green and healthy can be difficult for many groundskeepers, especially during the extremely hot and cold times of the year when turf grasses would naturally enter a state of dormancy.[1] Whether turf is heavily or minimally affected by dormant phases, Bio S.I. Technology’s ( all-natural Turf Formula improves growing conditions to survive dormancy and encourage an earlier green up.

Bio S.I.’s Turf Formula is comprised of beneficial microbes that improve the vigor of the soil, the roots, and the condition of the plant itself. The microbes and enzymes rebuild the organic humus soil content and restore beneficial bacteria in the soil that leads to improved turf growth and disease resistance, while renewing the optimum growing conditions for beautiful, healthy turf. By rebuilding, restoring, and renewing the growing environment, the Turf Formula improves the soils ability to retain nutrients and water for the root’s consumption during active growth stages. Many groundskeepers who have tested the Turf Formula have implemented it into their turf maintenance practices and see greener, healthier, and more vigorous turf.

“We noticed a healthier root system, which attributed to the top growth and allowed us to open the golf course with rave reviews,” said Texas’ Craig Ranch Golf Course Superintendent, in less than two months after applying Bio S.I.’s Turf Formula. “I firmly believe that the product created a good foundation to encourage lateral movement of the turf grass. Currently, the weather has caused the turf to slow down and get ready for dormancy, but I am comfortable that with a deeper, more fibrous root system, we are achieving maximum carbohydrate storage, which will only benefit the winter hardiness and early spring green-up.”

The Turf Formula cultivates healthy, vigorous turf that quickly recovers from dormancy and overuse. The formula can be applied all year round to build turf roots that are deep and fibrous to retain an optimal amount of nutrients and water amidst both harsh and supportive growing conditions. Scholarly agronomists have studied the results brought forth by applying Bio S.I.’s Turf Formula and have been impressed by the beneficial and consistent results.

Gerard O’Donovan, professor and former chairman of the University of North Texas’ Department of Biological Sciences, says Bio S.I. products have an excellent record. “Large areas of land have been reclaimed with treatments of Bio S.I. I have tested several other microbial products over the years but found none with the consistency and diversity of Bio S.I.”

Bio S.I. has brought a “less is more” approach to turf maintenance since it was established in 1989. By using less fertilizer, less water, and fewer chemicals, groundskeepers receive healthier growth that is more uniform and vigorous. For results that have been proven effective and qualities that have benefitted many groundskeepers, choose Bio S.I. Technology’s Turf Formula.

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