BioSafe Systems’ Nematode Reduction Program Reveals Great Research Results

In a 2013 study conducted on two golf courses, researchers discovered the efficacy of the BioSafe Systems Nematode Reduction Program. The program, which includes a tank mix of ZeroTol® 2.0 and AzaGuard®, was analyzed on six tests plots between the two courses which were experiencing nematode and turf disease problems at the time.

Results from the first golf course revealed an overall decrease in the presence of nematodes by 88%, and even fully eliminated Sting Nematodes. The second trial, carried out on an alternate course, exposed similar results in reaction to the treatments. The total nematode counts, which were performed by the University of Florida and a local commercial laboratory, were reduced from over 350 to just over 100. Sting Nematodes were once again fully removed from two of the test plots, and Lance Nematodes were completely eradicated on the third.

Most importantly, the superintendents of both golf courses expressed their satisfaction with the treatments and were confident that the recommended monthly maintenance program would continue to repel the pests. The BioSafe Systems Nematode Reduction Program is a very cost-effective and consistent program to reducing the presence of nematodes, Pythium and Phytophthora.

For more information on BioSafe Systems’ Nematode Reduction Program, please visit or call 888.273.3088 (toll-free).

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