Blog: Sod nursery and expansion of #13 ladies tee

This week sees the maintenance staff of Makray Memorial Golf Club very busy with many projects. We continue to work on removing the ryegrass from contaminated tees. We have also begun work on expanding the lady’s tee box on #13. The tee box was expanded two years ago however the size of the tee was still not acceptable for a par three. With the angling of the hillside, we are adding dirt to make a large level playing surface. We will then sod the tee with Princeville bentgrass and hopefully have the tee open for play before the end of the season. Below are a few photos of the process.

If you know the golf course and the ladies’ tee box on #13 you will understand the need for this.

With the completion of the renovation of #12 we had a decision to make with what to do with the old tee box space. We have begun the process of constructing a bentgrass sod nursery. This area will be a great resource in the future to take sod from where we need it on the golf course. We plan to have an area of G2 bentgrass maintained at green height, as well as an area of Princeville bentgrass maintained at fwy and tee height. We hope to have the area seeded by the end of next week and be able to harvest sod by late spring 2011. Below are some photos of the beginning of the construction process.

This weekend looks to be great so have a great weekend and come out and enjoy a round of golf.

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