BOB-CAT mowers to exclusively offer Zero-T drive tires (Oct 7)

October 7, 2015 – BOB-CAT, a Johnson Creek, Wis.-based manufacturer of commercial-quality turf mowers, is excited to announce an exclusive partnership with OTR Wheel Engineering to offer the manufacturer’s Zero-T drive tires. The new, enhanced grip tires will be featured on all BOB-CAT Predator-Pro and ProCat 2016 model year mowers.

Zero-T drive tires are designed specifically for zero-turn mowers. Besides being a visually appealing addition, the tires provide:

* Improved grip on hillsides
* Improved puncture resistance
* Improved function at slow speeds
* Improved fast, tight turns without turf damage
* Improved self cleaning

BOB-CAT Predator-Pro mowers will also include new, rounded, no-flat caster tires for improved steering and maneuverability.

“BOB-CAT’s exclusive partnership with OTR is a reflection of both companies’ long dedication to innovation and engineering,” said BOB-CAT Brand Director Matt Donohue. “We believe adding the Zero-T drive tires will ultimately improve our customers’ turf maintenance experience – leading to more efficient and more precise mowing.”

To learn more about BOB-CAT Zero-T drive tires, visit

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