Cooler heads looking to prevail on water supply issues


Some exclusions

There are some common sense exclusions to the limits as well, such as not limiting water needed for fire prevention, or to flush water lines for public health purposes. Also not restricted are commercial enterprises that use water to maintain business such as car washes, nurseries, water haulers and concrete pavers, or businesses that maintain public gardens and arboretums.

Additionally, golf courses are not covered by the restrictions, concerning irrigation of tee-box areas and greens. New grass can also be maintained as needed.

Nick Lopez, manager of the Greatwood Golf Club, in Sugar Land, said the course itself has not needed much additional watering this year, despite the heat and lack of rain.

“We’ve always mostly concentrated on the greens and spot watering as needed,” he said. “For the most part, the course is in pretty good shape. Bermuda grass really doesn’t need that much water.”

As for business, itself, during the string of 100-degree days?

“It’s been hot all right, but I haven’t seen a drop in business,” Lopez said.

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