Discover the Enchantment of The Squeeze at Cabot Citrus Farms: A Golfer’s Haven

Holes 2, 3, and 6 at The Squeeze

Introduction to The Squeeze – Your Next Golfing Adventure

Nestled within the sprawling beauty of Cabot Citrus Farms lies a golfing masterpiece known as The Squeeze. Conceived by the visionary mind of Mike Nuzzo from Nuzzo Course Design, this 9-hole golf course is a symphony of challenge and allure, spread over terrains that demand a diverse play strategy from hole to hole. Brimming with unconventional inspiration and a keen eye for the drama in golf, Nuzzo has woven a tapestry of turf that ranges widely, from 100-yard dashes to sweeping 550-yard narratives, each hole presenting its unique ensemble of strategy, drama, and scenic beauty.

The Squeeze at Cabot Citrus Farms
The Squeeze at Cabot Citrus Farms

A Peek Behind the Design: Mike Nuzzo’s Artistic Muse

Delving deep into the genesis of The Squeeze, one finds that creativity knows no bounds. The second green’s design, for instance, pays homage to the quaint aesthetics of corrugated metal tin roofing found in miniature golf, adding a delightful twist to the short game. Meanwhile, the par-3 third hole introduces players to a grand scale of challenge with its vast waste area. The turf dances and winds on the fifth hole, leading players to an undulating green that promises an exhilarating conclusion to a well-thought-out fairway. These, among other features, encapsulate Nuzzo’s ambition: to transform every hole into an unforgettable narrative of golfing ingenuity.

Mike Nuzzo’s design adventure revealed an interesting anecdote during the creation of The Squeeze’s seventh hole, a 100/115-yard marvel, which was born out of a serendipitous conversation and a desire to bridge distances with ingenuity. The course culminates in a spectacular ninth hole, featuring a delightful double dogleg par four, crowned with a fun waterfall front green, ensuring the game ends on a high note of both challenge and beauty.

Versatility in Play: The Squeeze’s Unique Appeal

Offering a canvas where the traditional and modern aspects of golf blend seamlessly, The Squeeze encourages players to engage in the age-old debate of air versus ground play. It stands as a testament to the versatility of golf, welcoming both hickory enthusiasts and advocates of modern club golf to its lush turf.

Insights from the Architect: Exploring The Squeeze’s Creation

When asked about his initial impressions and the journey of designing The Squeeze, Nuzzo shared his vivid experience. His first visit to the site—initially focused on addressing deficiencies in an existing course’s routing—sparked a vision that would eventually encapsulate the endearing and adventurous spirit of golf. The challenge was not just in reshaping the turf but in reimagining the golf course as a space that invites both challenge and intrigue.

Addressing a critical question about the balance between pre-existing conditions and new creations, Nuzzo highlighted the extensive thought process involved in selecting green sites and planning holes over the 100-acre estate. The Squeeze, occupying 60 acres of this, alongside The Wedge and the range, demanded a meticulous approach to utilize the space efficiently, crafting a golf course that feels both expansive and intimate.

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Sculpting the Golf Course: The Dance of Earth and Imagination

The creation of The Squeeze went beyond mere adjustments to the existing turf. It was about crafting an experience—a vision that led to significant earth-moving and shaping to achieve the desired oasis. From hiding nearby road views with strategically placed berms to creating captivating naturalistic features out of flat terrain, every cubic yard of earth moved served a purpose in crafting this golfing paradise.

A Nod to the Classics: Inspirations Behind the Design

Though Nuzzo has yet to step onto Irish turf, the design of The Squeeze pays homage to the storied landscapes of Irish and Scottish links. With a sprinkle of Shinnecock Hills’ charm and an approach that mimics the natural intertwining of landscapes found in nature, The Squeeze is a course that respects its roots while offering something distinctly novel.

Choosing Your Challenge: The Squeeze’s Signature Tees

Nuzzo’s dedication to crafting a holistic golfing experience shines through in his description of the tee boxes—a crucial element in the game’s strategic play. From the back tee on the fourth hole that mirrors an Irish vista to the visually deceptive challenges of the fifth, players are invited to experience the turf from perspectives that ignite both imagination and skill.

Conclusion: A Journey Through Turf and Time

Incorporating elements of aerospace engineering into his golf course design, Mike Nuzzo has elevated The Squeeze to more than just a play of grass and sand; it is a thoughtful construction of spaces that challenge and delight. Whether you’re swinging a hickory or the latest in golf club technology, a game at The Squeeze is a journey through the beautifully manicured turf, offering an enchanting experience that beckons the soul of golf enthusiasts from across the globe.

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