Dixie Chopper Mowing Marathon – Eli Kean is taking on the Guiness World Record!

Dixie Chopper’s marketing manager, Eli Kean, plans on setting the work record for most amount of acreaged mowed in 24 hours. Kean will be using the Dixie Chopper XCaliber Mower with a 74-inch cutting deck to help aid him in setting the bar high for the first attempt at the 24-hour mowing event. The 24-hour Guinness World Record attempt will put the XCaliber and Kean’s will power to the test.
The Guinness World Record attempt will be help at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center in London, Ohio. The event will begin on Tuesday, August 19th, and will conclude on Wednesday, August 20th at noon. Following the event, there will be a brief a press conference. The Molly Caren Agricultural Center has 200 acres of turfgrass at Kean’s disposable. The amount that he will be able to mow, however, may be a different story. Incorporating refueling the XCaliber and other breaks, Kean has his work cut out for him.
To follow this event and to find out more information: Visit Dixie Chopper’s Facebook .

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