Finding new ways to improve the treatment of trees and plants

Quest Product User Rich

Quest Products Companies were founded on the concept of “Finding new ways to improve the treatment of trees and plants”.

Quest Product user Rich D

Quest Products Companies were founded on the concept of “Finding new ways to improve the treatment of trees and plants”.

The founders have more than 70 years of experience in the agriculture, horticulture, turf and specialty markets. Quest Products was the leading edge in bringing forth new and better technologies to treat plants of all types to reduce stress and better disease control with their Stress Master® Phosphite based fertilizers and Reliant Systemic Fungicide® product. Patent-pending controlled release Reliant Dry Granular Phosphite, that releases for several months has enabled growers to adjust treatment timing and significantly improve plant health through better uptake and utilization thus reducing overall pesticide expense and application labor cost.



The concept and the proven method of “thru-bark application of pesticides” was pioneered by Quest with the development of its truly unique Pentra-Bark, Bark Penetrating Surfactant®. This non-invasive, non-injurious treatment method to deliver systemic insecticides, fungicides and herbicides to trees of all types has greatly helped the agricultural and arboricultural community.

“I use Main Event and Stress Master to keep the course in top play condition.“ Rich D. (Pictured)

Quest is always looking and researching ways to develop new or to substantially improve products and technologies offered in today’s markets. Another much-improved product is Influence Spray Adjuvant with LRT (Low Odor Technology). Many manufacturers and distributors have a 4 in 1 surfactant product that: buffers tank pH, reduces drift, contains a deposition aide and have some surfactant properties. The problem with this type of product is the terrible objectionable odor of the product for both the applicator and the general public. Additionally, they have little to no surfactant property, don’t mix in the tank very well and requires heated storage. Influence LRT eliminates all the previous problems, it has no odor objectionable odor, it contains a fully functioning wetting and spreading surfactant system, can be stored in unheated storage and explodes in bloom when added to the spray tank.

Reliant Systemic Fungicide

Reliant Systemic Fungicide

Quest has been deeply involved in the controlled release fertilizer industry with development of dry controlled release and liquid controlled release technology. This led to the development of the Reliant Controlled Release Granular Phosphite product and the Main Event Micro-Nutrient Complex Products.

The Main Event Micro-Nutrient products were birthed from the techniques learned in creating various controlled release products and applying it to various micronutrients in combinations. The Main Event product both contain 6 different chelating technologies to give an even sustained release of micro-nutrients to the soil that are plant available for an extended period. At normal use rates golf course superintendents report 4 to 6-week longevity on greens and 6 to 8-week longevity on fairways, lawn care operators report similar results of extended greening for 6 to 8 weeks after application. This extended-release fits perfectly in between “rounds” for the applicator.

Chemical Trespass of pesticide applications is becoming more of a flashpoint for the public. Whether it be actual drift of the product or odor of the product itself. The odor is not the only a problem at the time of application but also long after the application if it remains detectable. Fresh Cut with ORT, (Odor Reduction Technology) was developed to address just such issues of odor and the perception of pesticide chemical trespass. People perceive any odor if it objectionable to them as “toxic” and bad for people, pets and the environment regardless of the science behind the product or the technology. Fresh Cut with ORT prevents odors in 3 ways, first, it combines with volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) in the spray tank to prevent direct odor, second it actually temporarily blocks nasal sensor recognition of pesticide odors when sprayed and third it imparts the pleasant fragrance of fresh-cut grass to the solution. Fresh Cut eliminates the odor of standard 3-way herbicides, insecticides, herbicides and just about any pesticide odor. This is most helpful when spraying highly sensitive areas such as around schools, parks, residential areas, anywhere odor can precipitate a call asking “what are you spraying, will it hurt me, kids, pets or anything else? Fresh Cut prevents the call wanting to know.

Quest is dedicated to the development of new technologies and better methods to treat plants and trees. For more information call 785.542.2577

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