Floating Island SE – Webinar


We are pleased to offer another FREE webinar to provide the latest update and overview of the BioHaven Floating Island Technology and the various applications that you may have a need for. This is a FREE webinar and it will be held, Friday, October 4th at 11am EDT.

This webinar will include:

  • BioHaven Floating Islands technology (Floating Treatment Wetlands)
    • Stormwater BMP
    • Rural wastewater lagoon solution
    • Habitat & structural island solutions
  • Leviathan – adding circulation to increase results
    • Fisheries enhancement
  • BioCoral – increasing surface area
  • BioSwale – “in ditch” treatment
  • Living Shoreline – alternative to conventional solutions
  • Our intention is to make this webinar practical and effective and we encourage anyone working in improving water quality, creating habitat, enhancing fisheries and or preserving shorelines to attend.

    To join this free webinar, send an email requesting “log on” information to:

    You can invite as many others as you like, but they must also send a request for “log on” information. Each “log on” is unique and they will not be able to use yours.

    Please note – you must have the “log on” information that is provided by the webinar software ilinc. About 24 hours prior to the session, you will get an email from the ilinc software that will provide you with your unique “log on” information. If you have any questions, please call us at (888) 660-3473.

    For ilinc technical support, please call (800) 799-4510.

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