From Smithco And Teejet® Technologies the Next Generation of Sprayers Star Command 2.0

  • Control droplet size for greater efficacy independent of
    rate or speed.
  • Spray from 2 to 10 mph. Up to twice as fast as other
  • Get the ongoing support of Smithco and TeeJet®.
  • Plus the dependability of the only GPS sprayers tested over 4 years by superintendents.

Smithco and TeeJet, the leader in application technology, have teamed up to create the Star Command 2.0.

It offers you a level of control that’s never been available before. Start with the 2 finest sprayers Smithco makes.

The Spray Star 3180 and the 2000. Both factory-fitted with a DynaJet® Nozzle Control System and Aeros Field Computer from TeeJet

The DynaJet Nozzle Control System uses pulse-width modulation to control droplet size. Choose the ideal drop size based on wind, speed and height of cut.

Solenoid-operated tip-control at each nozzle, pulse up to 20 times per second. Drift is minimized and coverage is maximized by maintaining the optimum droplet size.

The Aeros Computer amplifies precision with tip-flow monitoring, pinpoint guidance, optional auto steering, application rate control, mapping, automatic boom control and USB data transfer.

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