Goals Keep Changing, but Bryan Scoggins is Happy He Works in the Turf Industry

Bryan Scoggins grew up on Lake Martin down in Jackson’s Gap near Alexander City, Alabama. After graduating from Benjamin Russell High School in Alexander City, he started Auburn in 1998. He worked an internship at The Country Club of Birmingham in 2001 and completed his degree in Agronomy and Soils at Auburn in 2003.

Bryan wanted to be a golf course superintendent because of his love of golf. “I grew up two miles from a golf course. I started playing golf when I was six and began playing competitive golf at eleven.” The course was called Midway (now Lakewinds). Bryan’s dad, Bobby Scroggins, introduced him to the game and encouraged Bryan to play. “Sometimes I would literally be out playing golf seven days a week! It was only after I got interested in girls that my golf game struggled.”

Bryan’s interest in girls turned to interest in “a girl” at Auburn. He met his wife, Denise during his freshman year. “I met her at a fraternity party. She was a major in special education who went on to get a Master’s in Early Childhood Education from Samford. Don’t repeat me on this, but I don’t know if I would have graduated without her help!”

Bryan and Denise got married in 2003. They moved to Birmingham and Bryan took an assistant’s job at Heatherwood Country Club working under Larry Balko. Two months afterwards Bryan was called up with his Alabama National Guard Unit to go to Iraq. He served between 14 and 15 months during this deployment. “When our unit was first in Iraq we took over the existing Iraqi police stations and taught the Iraqui Police democratic society policing. Six months later we started the first democratic society training academy for new recruit officers.”

One year after returning from Iraq, Bryan and Denise’s first child, Ava Grace, was born. Upon returning from Iraq Brian had been moved to Pine Tree Country Club where again he worked under Larry Balko. In 2005 he accepted a job at Shoal Creek where he served as a spray tech and assistant in training to Jim Simmons, CGCS.

Bryan made a career shift in 2007 when he accepted a job at Lesco to be an assistant warehouse manager. Eventually he was made store manager and worked there until the spring of 2015 when he went to work for Agrium Direct Solutions. He stayed at Direct Solutions as a sales rep in Alabama until the company dissolved in the fall of 2014. Soon afterwards he was hired by Residex. Residex is a privately owned company that sells to the pest control and the turf and ornamental markets. They are distributors for major manufacturers and have their own line of products as well.

In addition to Ava Grace, Denise and Bryan have two other daughters, Amelia Kate, born in 2009 and Olivia Jane who was born in 2013. Bryan is a family oriented man and tries to squeeze in time for some golf and Auburn football. He hopes to provide a good life for his children similar to the one he was privileged to have growing up.
“I love doing anything outdoors, and I really love my job. I like giving recommendations and seeing success for customers based on recommendations I’ve given.”
Life is pretty busy for Bryan right now. He and his family are members of the Church of the Highlands where Bryan serves on the Usher Team. Recently he moved with his family into a new house in Forrest Park, off Highway 280 in Chelsea.

Bryan says he plans on staying in the industry for years to come, and enjoys participating in all the local golf course superintendents chapters and turf associations. We appreciate Bryan in the Alabama Chapter. He is always willing to support us and lend a hand. We wish you much success in your new job with Residex, Bryan!

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