John Deere Golf Launches Dense Turf Rotary Turf Brush & 14 Blade Reel

John Deere Golf has announced the launch of the Dense Turf (DT) Rotary Brush and 14 Blade Reel. The 14 Blade Reel can deliver a lower frequency of clip, while the DT Rotary Turf Brush stands up more blades of grass with an exclusive helix design.

14 Blade Reel

The new 14 Blade Reel lowers the frequency of clip by reducing the distance traveled between consecutive cuts of reel blades.
This lower frequency of clip allows customers to better meet the cut and playability demands at their course.

“In speaking with turf managers worldwide we saw the need for customers to be able to achieve a lower frequency of clip ” said Tracy Lanier, product manager, John Deere Golf. “John Deere’s 14 Blade Reel allows our greens mowers to meet the demands of each courses’ unique needs and provide superior cut quality and playability.”
The 14 Blade Reel is available now for Quick Adjust 5 (QA5) cutting units, and the 180SL and 220SL Walk Greens Mowers.

DT Rotary Turf Brush

The DT Rotary Turf Brush has an exclusive helix design for mounting the bristles that is similar to the blades of a reel. This design assures more consistent turf engagement and enables the brush to more effectively stand up more grass–without having to increase brush depth.
“Our goal with the DT Rotary Turf Brush was to create a brush turf managers can look to for improved ball roll, striping and cut quality,” said Lanier.
The DT brush is ideal for dense-turf varieties of warm season turf grasses, and can also be used with cool-season varieties.

In combination with John Deere’s counter-rotating system, the DT
Rotary Turf Brush can help reduce grain for a truer playing surface and improved after-cut appearance. Ken Mangum, director of golf course and grounds, Atlanta Athletic Club comments, “When we began testing the DT brushes last year we saw immediate results with the helix design on our greens, More and more courses are putting in ultra-dwarf varieties, so the DT brush gives us a real advantage to produce quality greens.”

The DT Rotary Turf Brush is compatible with the 180 and 220E-Cut™ Hybrid and SL PrecisionCut™ Walk Greens Mowers, as well as the 2500B PrecisionCut and 2500E E-Cut Hybrid Riding Greens Mowers, and can be ordered with the machine.

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