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JohnDow Industries Unveils Three New Low-Profile Fuel Carrytanks For Enhanced Convenience And Portability

JohnDow Industries Low-Profile Fuel Carrytanks

JohnDow Industries (JDI), widely known for its extensive line of portable fuel handling equipment, proudly announces the launch of three innovative low-profile fuel Carrytanks: the 40-Gallon Gasoline Carrytank (JDI-AGT40), the 40-Gallon DEF Carrytank (JDI-DEF40), and the 58-Gallon Diesel Carrytank (JDI-AFT58LP).

Designed to seamlessly fit in the bed of a pickup truck below the height of truck bed sides, these cutting-edge Carrytanks offer a supremely durable and portable refueling solution for a wide range of applications, including farm, construction, recreation, industrial, automotive, and fleet operations.

“We’ve received a lot of requests from our customers for a larger, portable gasoline tank to our fuel product line, so we are very excited to introduce these new Carrytanks,” said Robert Christy, President of JohnDow Industries. “The new low-profile Gas Carrytank, along with the DEF Carrytank and Diesel Carrytank, perfectly complement our line of fuel storage and transfer equipment, and I’m confident our customers will be excited about these new options.”

Key features of the Carrytanks include:

  • Rugged Construction: Crafted from high-quality linear polyethylene, ensuring longevity and resilience.
  • Easily monitor fuel levels: Fuel Level Gauge indicates the amount of fuel available in the tank.
  • Efficient 12-Volt Transfer Pump: Capable of delivering fuel at a rate of 10 gallons per minute.
  • Automatic Dispensing Nozzle: Equipped with a removable drip tray for clean and hassle-free refueling.
  • Enhanced Portability: Forklift pockets and molded handles make moving the tank easy
  • Secure Transportation: Built-in recesses allows for safely securing tanks with ratchet straps during transport.
  • Lockable Cover: Offers added protection and security for fuel contents.
  • Gasoline Model Baffle: Internal baffle designed to prevent sloshing during transportation.

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Brian Morgan, National Sales Manager for JohnDow Service Equipment, highlighted the popularity of their existing 106-gallon and 58-gallon Carrytanks, mentioning their durability and versatility. “By introducing these low-profile options for diesel, gasoline, and especially the highly-requested DEF, we’re able to provide our customers with a wider range of solutions tailored to their specific operational needs.”

For more information on these innovative Carrytanks and to explore JohnDow’s full line of Fuel Handling equipment, please visit

About JohnDow Service Equipment:

The Service Equipment Division of JDI manufacturers and distributes shop equipment for the automotive, heavy-duty, agriculture, construction, and industrial markets. From oil drains to extractors, our lines include fuel handling, oil and fluid handling and shop equipment. Additional information is available at or by emailing

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