LINNE Industries, maker of the PondHawk® solar-powered pond aeration system, releases the new PH 2.0 Controller – upgrades all 1.0 versions at no cost.

PondHawk is LINNE’s solar-powered subsurface aeration

LINNE Industries announced today they have completed the field retrofitting of all operating PondHawk systems, upgrading the units with the latest version of the controller at no cost to the owners.

“While version 1.0 of the controller did a fine job, we had made some significant advances in the technology that allowed the units to run even more efficiently. Because of the PondHawk system’s modular design, swapping out Controller 1.0 was a simple enough task,” said Sandra Burton, President, and Co-Founder, LINNE Industries.

“Our decision to offer the upgrade at no cost to our clients was in keeping with our corporate philosophy… we view our customers more like partners. We want them to know we’re there for them, whether it’s a field visit to check on the system or an upgrade like the 2.0. It’s important that they know we care about their experience.”

The controller is a part of the system that converts the solar power, modifies the voltage, and also regulates the electricity that drives the air pump. These pieces of the system are housed in a tamper-proof, ventilated enclosure under the solar module. Because the PondHawk is not connected to the power grid and runs completely off solar power, this part of the system is integral.

“Since the beginning of 2018, all PondHawk systems include the new PH 2.0 Controller.” Sandra Burton continued, “Our objective is to always be looking for ways to improve our products.”

PondHawk (patented) is the first fully integrated, solar-powered pond aeration system that delivers algae eliminating bubbles to any pond anywhere without the expense of power delivery costs, electricity and peak demand charges. PondHawk’s unique stealth and quiet design will not obstruct the beauty of the property or negatively impact the game.

About LINNE Industries and PondHawk

LINNE Industries is the manufacturer of the PondHawk® Solar-Powered Pond Aeration System. Founded in 2013 and based in Delaware, LINNE Industries is an applied solar energy technology company that designs and manufactures sustainable energy products that improve the environment while providing best-in-class energy systems that deliver dynamic solutions for their customers. The patented PondHawk is the first fully integrated solar pond aeration system that improves water quality, eliminates algae, and restores habitat without power delivery or electric costs.

LINNE Industries, LLC
CONTACT: Sandra Burton, President & Co-Founder
Newark, Delaware
Phone: 302-893-1354

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