New Patent Approved Universal Advanced Bio-Reactor Recycle System from RGF Environmental Group Introduced at 2015 Golf Industry Trade Show (Feb 19)

FEBRUARY 19, 2015 – The new US patent approved Universal Advanced Bio-Reactor from RGF Environmental Group will headline a series of golf and turf industry environmental systems on exhibit at the 2015 Golf Industry Trade Show, scheduled February 25-26.

A “closed loop”or “zero-discharge” recycle system, The Universal Advanced Bio-Reactor is designed to treat, filter and deliver the cleanest and safest wash water for re-use at golf and turf wash bays. The system contains minimal moving parts and replaceable components, low consumables usage and no chemical or microbe addition. Featuring a small footprint, the Universal Advanced Bio-Reactor is totally enclosed for outdoor use and is constructed of all non-corrosive materials.

In addition to golf courses, applications include landscape maintenance, agriculture, government facilities and universities, sod farms, resorts and campgrounds.

Treatment technologies include:

–Self-cleaning grass separator with towable grass cart for grass, sticks, leaves and trash –Oil Water Separator removes oil, grease and other hydrocarbons for collection and disposal –Fluidized Bed Bio-Reactor rapidly degrades organic contaminants up to 5X the efficiency of conventional fixed film bioreactors –Clarifier offers enhanced gravity settling of small solids for clear water –Counter Current Advanced Oxidation System ensures recycled water is safe, clean and fresh everyday using UV Light and Ozone.

RGF Environmental Group has worked with the golf industry for over 25 years to ensure its recycle systems and installations exceed evolving environmental regulations and provide the highest level of safety and reliability. For more information on RGF systems, go to or call 561-358-7993.

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