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New Rangeline product improves range economics and visuals

RANGEline from ZLine

Sand bunkers are expensive items for golf courses to maintain, given the standards now expected by golfers. This level of maintenance is only justifiable for bunkers that get plenty of use: if a lot of players visit a bunker, then it is worth spending the money to keep it in primo condition. 

But on practice ranges, where bunkers are purely aiming tools, and never get any actual play, bunker maintenance is wholly a waste of money. Thus it is tempting for course operators to dig holes on their range, fill them with sand, and leave them be. But this approach too has its problems: wind and rain will cause the bunker sand to move around and to be contaminated with other substances, reducing, even possibly eliminating, the value of having the bunker on the range in the first place. The newly-launched RANGEline product from ZLine Products, is the answer.

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RANGEline consists of sand-coloured synthetic material, which is installed on the range in lieu of bunkers. It is UV coated to ensure that the color can withstand sunlight exposure and seamlessly replicates the aesthetic value of sand bunkers on the range, giving golfers a powerful aiming tool, but it is essentially maintenance-free. The product was formerly known at SRL-16, but has been redesigned to be thicker and denser, so it absorbs impacts better.

“RANGEline helps course operators improve the playability and shotmaking of their practice ranges, without increasing maintenance costs,” says Casey Jones, international operations manager of ZLine. “It is very cost-effective – the cost of the product is roughly the same as sand – and over time it will produce an excellent return on investment. Ball picking from RANGEline is much easier than from a sand bunker, as the picking machine can drive over it. Even if the ‘bunker’ is inaccessible to the picker, it is far easier to rake up the balls than to pick them from sand – which has to be done by hand.”

About ZLine Bunker Systems

ZLine Bunker Systems has created the ideal solution to never-ending course maintenance issues and one of the most common complaints from golfers: poor bunker quality. We give your golf club the opportunity to drastically reduce the amount of labor and material costs associated with maintaining sand traps. This results in savings for the club, while golfers gain an improved experience with consistently well-maintained, clean, high-quality bunkers.

Our systems provide a complete solution for the protection of your golf course bunkers. Our system is an accumulation of years of trials and testing to deliver the best dollar-for-dollar liner system available: industry leading protection that provides complete bunker cavity protection without compromise. The benefits of our systems are not only proven to protect your bunkers, they also create a yearly savings that will pay for the system in a short number of years.

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