New Study Shows Hydretain Results on Turfgrass Irrigated at 40% ET

Plot Layout Hydretain
Plot Layout Hydretain

Arborjet | Ecologel Solutions LLC., leaders in plant health and water management solutions, are pleased to announce conclusive results of a recent research study involving Ecologel’s flagship brand, Hydretain®. The research concluded that Hydretain was among the top two performing treatments for quality ratings and turf density throughout the study. The comprehensive field study was conducted by Mark M. Mahady & Associates, a leading consultant to the turfgrass industry.

The study examined the effect of various product treatments on turfgrass quality parameters under a 50% reduction in irrigation on ryegrass overseed transition to a pure stand of bermudagrass. The research was conducted on a golf course fairway in a desert climate in southeastern California, and ran from May 5 – September 8, 2020. Treatments consisted of programs that included single product applications and combinations of multiple products. Observations were made on turf color, turf quality, percentage turf coverage, soil volumetric moisture content, root length and root surface area.

Figure 2 Percent Cover - Bermudagrass
Figure 2 Percent Cover – Bermudagrass

The Hydretain treatment performed well throughout the study with notable differences in several areas including bermudagrass color, quality, and root surface area. According to Mahady, “Treatment 6, Hydretain exhibited higher levels of 328 bermudagrass quality when compared to the untreated check on 8 of 8 evaluation dates.” Hydretain also proved to be the most effective of all treatments in allowing the bermudagrass to recover during the transition from the overseed to a pure stand of bermudagrass. “Treatment 6, Hydretain exhibited the most consistent positive trend and the highest levels of 328 bermudagrass cover of all treatments during all eight evaluation dates when compared to the untreated check,” reported Mahady.

When asked if there are products and programs that can enhance turf color, turf quality, and speed to cover of 328 bermudagrass subject to 40% ET deficit irrigation regimes, Mahady concluded, “Yes. In this trial Treatment 7 and Treatment, 6 [Hydretain] exhibited enhanced turfgrass color, turfgrass quality, Total Turf Quality, and speed to bermudagrass cover when compared to other treatments.”

The Hydretain treatment program in this study was the most simplified. It was a stand-alone treatment applied only once a month compared to other treatments that required multiple products applied every two weeks. “The Hydretain program required less labor, less watering, and overall application costs,” said James Spindler, CPAg, CSS, CCA Director of Agronomy, Ecologel Solutions, LLC. “The observations clearly show that under high-stress conditions, such as deficit irrigation (drought stress) and poor soil conditions (higher salt levels), Hydretain provides the best overall conditions for the performance of the 328 bermudagrass.”

“When evaluating rooting, Hydretain was the only top performing product in the above ground turf evaluations to also experience an increase in rooting measurements while many other treatments experienced a decline through the evaluation period,” adds Spindler. “The conclusion we can reach is that under deficit irrigation Hydretain helps maintain superior turf quality and stand density while not compromising the root system.”

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