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New Super Kit by Spray Caddie Golf Cup Cover

Spray Caddie Golf Cup Cover

In response to customer demand, the makers of Spray Caddie Golf Cup Cover, an innovative tool for golf course maintenance that keeps the golf cup clean during spray apps and topdressing, announces a new product configuration called the Spray Caddie Super Kit.  

Rob Roberts, president of Back Nine Boys, LLC, makers of Spray CAddie
Rob Roberts, president of Back Nine Boys, LLC, makers of Spray CAddie

“Our customers, superintendents, and assistants from around the country have repeatedly asked us to offer a wand and magnets with more than just the three golf cup covers that come in our Spray Caddie Starter Kit. As an assistant golf course superintendent myself, my goal with Spray Caddie is to make the jobs of other superintendents and assistants easier. Superintendents know what they need. When they told us, we had to oblige,” said Rob Roberts, an assistant golf course superintendent in Washington State and developer of Spray Caddie.

The Spray Caddie Super Kit includes:

  • 1 telescoping magnetic wand
  • 2 magnets to attach the wand to your spray rig
  • 6 Spray Caddie Golf Cup Covers
  • 1 Spray Caddie™ Caddie which holds up to 9 Spray Caddie Golf Cup Covers

By combing the wand and magnets with the Spray Caddie 6-Pack with Caddie, superintendents now have all the tools they need to deploy several golf cup covers on multi-hole practice greens all at once prior to liquid spray applications and light topdressing.

Until now, there has been no standardized way to shield the golf hole from liquid spray apps and topdressing. Some superintendents stuff a rag into the cup or use some sort of plug-in the hole. The Spray Caddie Golf Cup Cover offers a better solution in a touch-free tool.

How It Works

Spray Caddie Golf Cup Cover is a flat, round cover that, when placed over the golf hole, shields the inside of the cup from liquid overspray and sand from topdressing. Metal tabs on the cup cover attract a magnetic wand (sold as part of the Spray Caddie Starter Kit and now the Spray Cddie Super Kit) that allows for no-touch deployment and retrieval of the cup cover. As there is no need to actually touch the cup cover, hands or gloves stay dry so there’s no transfer of chemicals to gloves, hands, spray rig steering wheels, or cell phones used to remotely turn irrigation systems off and on. Spray Caddie Golf Cup Cover is made of recycled plastic and is manufactured in the United States.

Spray Caddie is currently available through online sales. launched in mid-December 2021, and sales have been strong.

Instructions for Use

Full instructions for use can be found at: 


Spray Caddie™ Golf Cup Cover keeps the golf cup clean during topdressing and liquid spray applications. Developed by a golf course superintendent, Spray Caddie shields staff and golfers from touching chemicals and other liquid spray applications that could discolor the inside of the cup. Prevents the accumulation of sand in the golf hole during light topdressing on golf greens. Use on standard golf greens and multi-hole practice facilities. Works for any type of sand or liquid spray app such as colorant, fertilizer, herbicide, PGRs, & more. Spray Caddie is manufactured in the U.S.A. by Back Nine Boys, LLC., @spraycaddie. 

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