Organic Pond Announces OMRI Listing for PureBacteria+ Pond and Lake Treatment

Organic Pond is pleased to announce that the Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI) has reviewed the company’s PureBacteria+ Biological Pond Muck Reducer and has listed PureBacteria+ for use in organic production.

“PureBacteria+ is a fast-acting, natural, organic pond cleaner that balances the nutrient load in a pond or lake by digesting decaying organic matter such as fish waste and decaying algae and weeds. The results are a reduction of odors and the gradual elimination of the muck layer,” said Pete Kennedy, CEO of Organic Pond, a Michigan-based research and manufacturing company specializing in natural fresh water treatment technologies serving the agriculture, aquaculture, golf course, resort and property management markets, including owners of large residential ponds or lakes. “In organic agriculture, growers frequently use ponds for irrigation and livestock watering. Traditionally, aquatic algaecides and herbicides have been used to control algae and weeds that cause water quality issues and often clog irrigation pumps. We introduced PureBacteria+ to address the nutrient load feeding the water source and provide the grower with an organic alternative to chemical treatments,” said Kennedy.

“Aquaculture or fish farming is another key market for PureBacteria+,” states Kennedy. “With high fish population per acre of water, fish waste is a significant problem for most growers. PureBacteria+ naturally consumes the fish waste, resulting in cleaner, clearer water.”

Residential and farm ponds can also benefit from using microbial-based products. “Our business began serving the residential and farm pond market with our ABC approach to pond health, which we designed to reduce the use of chemical treatments. We found that Aeration, Bacteria and Colorant naturally balance the pond ecosystem by eliminating stagnation and nutrient accumulation and the overall biomass of algae and weed production,” said Kennedy.

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