Paramus Golf Course: Embracing Legacy and Greens Magic with Andy Schuckers, CGCS

Paramus Golf Course

Nestled in the heart of Paramus, the Paramus Golf Course stands as a testament to both history and golfing excellence. This picturesque course, built in 1928 as the Saddle River Golf Club and acquired by the Borough of Paramus in 1976, has become a local favorite, offering a challenging yet welcoming experience for golfers of all skill levels.

Paramus Golf Course #9
Paramus Golf Course #9

The Golf Course Experience: A Symphony of Tradition and Innovation

For over 25 years, Andy Schuckers, CGCS, has been the driving force behind the impeccable condition of the Paramus Golf Course. His journey in the golf industry began at the Penn State Blue and White golf course, where he also pursued his education in Turfgrass Management. Today, as the Golf Course Superintendent and General Manager of Paramus Golf Course, Schuckers oversees not just a golf course but a historical landmark.

The course itself spans 18 holes, covering 6,173 yards of meticulously manicured bluegrass. One of its standout features is the challenging #17 par-three hole—an uphill battle that tests even the most seasoned players. The course’s rich history, dating back to its origins as the Saddle River Golf Club, adds a layer of nostalgia to every round played.

Paramus Golf Course #11 green side
Paramus Golf Course #11 green side

Behind the Greens: A Glimpse into Renovations and Equipment

In an exclusive interview with Schuckers, he shared insights into the course’s renovations, revealing that all renovations are conducted in-house. The constant need for bunker improvements and the addition of new forward tees keeps the team busy, ensuring that Paramus Golf Course stays at the forefront of golfing experiences.

Schuckers also divulged his favorite piece of equipment—a Ventrac with any attachment. This versatile machine plays a pivotal role in maintaining the course’s pristine condition, showcasing the marriage of technology and tradition in golf course management.

Paramus Golf Course #13
Paramus Golf Course

From Mentors to Family: The Heartbeat Beyond the Greens

Reflecting on his journey, Schuckers credited his earliest mentor, Bob Hudzik, for inspiring him. Hudzik, the Golf Course Superintendent of the 36-hole Penn State golf courses, instilled in Schuckers a passion for excellence and a commitment to the craft.

Beyond the greens, Schuckers finds joy in family and classic cars. Married with three children and three grandchildren, his spare time is dedicated to playing with vintage automobiles. This personal touch adds a human element to the Paramus Golf Course, connecting the man behind the maintenance to the community that cherishes the course.

Paramus Golf Course Practice Bunker
Paramus Golf Course Practice Bunker

Looking Forward: A Golfing Haven for Generations to Come

As Paramus Golf Course continues to be a hub for golf enthusiasts, Schuckers remains motivated by the compliments from everyday golfers. Despite the challenges, his dedication to preserving this golfing haven shines through. For Schuckers, the least favorite aspect of his job is the intrusion of politics—a sentiment shared by many who understand the delicate balance required to run a successful golf course.

In conclusion, Paramus Golf Course stands as a timeless gem, where history meets innovation, and every swing tells a story. With Andy Schuckers at the helm, this course is not just a destination for golf but a sanctuary for those seeking a blend of tradition, challenge, and community.

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