Pebble Beach golf courses use recycled water

The golf courses of Pebble Beach are now being irrigated only with recycled water, said officials with the Carmel Area Wastewater District.

Representatives from the district and the Pebble Beach Community Services district said Thursday that 100 percent of the water used to irrigate golf courses and other recreational areas of Del Monte Forest during a one-year period came from the Carmel district’s reclamation project.

The one-year period ended Sept. 30.

The first phase of the wastewater reclamation project was finished in 1994 and was funded by bonds guaranteed by the Pebble Beach Co.

Ten years later, the company financed the second phase, which included addition of microfiltration and reverse osmosis systems to remove salt from reclaimed water.

It included rehabilitation of Forest Lake Reservoir to store up to 110 million gallons of recycled water produced during winter for use in summer.

Before the second phase, salt in the recycled water accumulated in grass that had to be flushed away with potable water, officials said.

They said irrigation of golf courses in Pebble Beach reduces demand for potable water on the Peninsula.


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